Mar 2016

Woolly Day

a great time today. I knew very early on that it was going to be an
‘off’ day as I could feel what I call ‘remote’ was on. This is my
best way of describing when I feel removed from what is going on. It
is like I am watching me in a film about my day rather than actually
being in it and living it. Things are slow and unclear. It is sort of
frustrating as somewhere inside I know it should be different but I
cannot get a connection with myself. It is like I do not really care
about the character I am watching and it is me!

to this I am still suffering the blurred vision that I have now had
since the weekend.

is only lunchtime now and I am shattered through trying to
concentrate harder. Hopefully a sleep will reset everything and all
will once again be good in the world. Feel trapped and fed up because
I do not have the confidence to risk going out. Humour is missing by
so far today that I am not sure it will ever find it’s way back.

to do this now so I can remember it later but has finished me off.
Will now go and collapse.

be refreshed and back to ‘normal’ later

ya soon