Mar 2016

for a rant or at least moan, well probably several moans actually.

cannot remember if I have discussed in the previous blogs about the
dementia research projects I have been contacted about as a volunteer
and I cannot be bothered today to go back and check previous blogs so
I will push on regardless. Anyway about 4 weeks ago I was contacted
regarding a 2 year study and happily agreed to taking on the
commitment. It quickly became apparent that they also wanted me to
commit a.n.other to the 2 years and as I do not have/need a carer at
this moment only friends would qualify. I emailed the doctor
concerned to ask if it was ok to bring a friend to the appointment we
had scheduled. 3 weeks later on the morning of the appointment, which
I had not attended having heard nothing, he rang me to say it should
be ok, he would ring same time next week (yesterday) to confirm and
book new appointment. Yesterday no email no call. Today still
nothing. Either he needs coping strategy lessons from a dementia
sufferer or at least needed to get some appreciation of what it is
like living inside this head before he tries to mess with it any

other project I am involved with is going great except that each
appointment takes longer than it should as I cannot stop talking.
Some of the tests are unbelievably hard and frustrating but so long
as it helps someone somewhere down the line it is worthwhile.

other frustration of this odd and difficult week I put in today’s
post about the whiteboard so will not bore you again here. I just
want to understand why my brain will all of a sudden collapse and not
make the most simple connections. Need an answer – look on the
internet – obvious, but was not obvious in my head at that moment,
despite the fact that I was ON THE INTERNET at that very moment
typing up a post asking for help. No rhyme nor reason to this
dementia lark.

ya soon


post text

am having a another odd day but this time it is just that I am
confused ( nothing new there then). The only problem with that is I
cannot work out what I am confused about or with so it has become
maddeningly frustrating as I cannot fix it.
that I have a problem, well not really a problem just something I
feel I MUST sort out, with my whiteboard. Up until fairly recently
the magnetic whiteboard had been enough for my current papers and
memory notes but as things have got worse I now have a cork notice
board as well. This has freed space on the whiteboard which I decided
to use more efficiently by dividing it into days, an area for week,
area for month and another for general written notes. OK so far.
wrote everything across onto paper, rubbed the board clear then drew
lines on it with a permanent marker. Permanent?????? Lasted about 5
minutes and the lines disintegrated! Ribbon will be no good as I need
to keep wiping the board and do not want the lines moving. Insulation
tape is too wide and there would not be enough board left. I hit the
shops, mostly stationary stores and explained the situation. I
thought maybe I was having a garbled speech day rather than a
confused day as they looked at me like I was some mad alien. Even if
I am, surely my money is ok and I am still a customer. Anyway, I go
I am having an off day today but this still seems quite straight
forward to me, I just cannot see the answer. Help please anyone!!!!