Mar 2016

entry is a tough one to write. Not because of being hard or bad, in
fact just the opposite, it is because of being good. I limit my
entries to things connected with the disease rather than write about
just anything and so usually they are about things that have gone
wrong, bad days, uncomfortable days etc etc. Today is so far removed
from how the rest of this week has been that it feels like I am about
to write regarding someone else……

awoke this morning feeling bright, alert, focussed, and well rested.
I had only woken once during the night at around 4.00 but had managed
to settle again within 30 minutes and gone back into a deep sleep. I
actually felt hungry as well which is quite a novelty of late so had
cereal and toast with my tea. Trundled around on TP for a while just
to get up to speed and also to check that yesterday had been how I
thought it was, and yes all was how it should be, and amazingly how I
remembered it to be! Also, my sense of humour that had run away and
hidden in disgust at my mood this week, feels to be creeping,
carefully, back. It may get tested in posts later today so watch

on the news then did my daily brain train exercises on the laptop.
These are simple programmes that exercise and test on maths, memory,
shapes, problem solving, spelling and comparisons. I felt all was
good and became overjoyed when my score today showed a brain age of
32. My previous best in 7 years had been 46 so this is absolutely
brilliant. The only downer was that my worst section was again maths
which used to be my stronghold.

went out to challenge the traffic on my pushbike and do a bit of
shopping and get the ‘gridding tape’ suggested to me in a post
yesterday. Wonderful, all is right with the world and I just wanted
to share that with everyone. It is hard to do as usually people
either cannot tell about what is going on or only find time to share
the bad stuff. I do know and understand that most of the time it is
only bad stuff going on so I do sort of feel guilty for writing about
having such a good day and rubbing it in on those not on a good one.
Sorry. If anyone deserves to share in a good day it is my friends
here on TP that are here with me through the bad days. Thank you it
means so much to know that you are there and always will be.

to take the sharp edge of my happiness down, I must just add that
today should, in a normal real world, be just an ordinary day not a
good or great day. So I guess that I justify this by saying that the
fact it stands out as being such a special day means that my usual
days are only poor to fair but still better than they are for so many
of you guys.

for understanding my excitement.

ya soon