March 2016

only takes a moment to…….

a couple of quiet uneventful days that were neither good nor bad, so
far as I could tell, today seemed to be a good and positive one. I
enjoyed a good leg stretch and conversations on my morning walking
group then followed that with a very positive questionnaire and test
session with my dementia research lady. Today’s brain age test scores
on the laptop program were nowhere near last weeks extreme highs but
were still ok and pleasing.

not really looked closely at TP for 2 days I decided to catch up and
maybe do some posts while I felt good and had something to offer. One
post about communication issues from a fellow early onset sufferer
caught my eye and reminded me of a ‘sticky’ post I had seen recently
about the chat room being open for discussion with an expert on
communication issues. Great I think, just what I need and could be of
use to the other poster. Try as I might it could not be found.
Finally having to admit defeat I PM’ed the TP team to ask about it. B
A N G !!!! The good day changed in a moment. The chat room was
yesterday. I had missed it. My memory of having seen it was fine but
my coping strategy of writing it on my whiteboard, my pad, my phone,
my laptop at that time had fallen down. I have noticed over the last
couple of weeks that my carefully developed strategies built over the
last 5 years are beginning to creak and breakdown. So, not only have
I missed the communications chat I now quickly need a chat room about
new coping strategies….. please!!!

that I had been firmly put back in my place by this disease, I went
back to wandering the posts but somehow this little mishap has
smashed my confidence again and I am having trouble persuading myself
to post in the carers threads again. There are/were posts about
visual issues and seeing (ha ha) as I have been experiencing visual
troubles for the last 3 weeks now, it seemed that I could have
something to say about it from the sufferer point of view. But, I
cannot get myself to the point where I am able to type it in and
actually post it. Stupid I know but this is where I live now.

I’ll be back on track tomorrow, maybe

ya soon