March 2016

and pieces and stuff!

had a fairly quiet few days from the dementia-land point of view as
not much seems to have gone on that I can directly blame on the
damaged mind. Most of my thoughts and feelings seem to be based
around a general ‘down’ feeling which happens to us all.

start a new twice weekly therapy group on the 29th and it
is on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that will mean I am unable to
continue my tai chi classes on the Thursday mornings for a while,
but, when I explained about this to the sensei he told me about a
Tuesday afternoon session he runs a few miles from my group base. If
I feel up for it maybe I will cycle on the extra few miles and then
hope I am still capable of getting all the way home. Getting lost
will be the main problem as it is into unknown territory.

was a good day in part and very frustrating in other parts. The early
morning walk was great and took in some of the historic old town
parts but was also quite chilly whenever we had to stop and wait for
others to catch up. While on the walk I was asked by some others to
join them for a long 4 hour walk on Sunday which I jumped at. It is a
guided walk along riverside and coastline talking about the history
and seeing old forts etc.

afternoon was at the A.S. Dementia cafe and had a nice time and was
rescued by one of the wonderful carers there that come with their
charges. Some time back my GP referred me for a specialist
appointment with EN&T department. At long last a letter turned up
that I sort of understood was my appointment but I could not fathom
out where or when it was. It had 4 pages of text, many boxes of
codes, a password box saying ‘author paste’ which I took as meaning
that whoever did the letter should have pasted the password in the
box. Password for what I had no idea. It gave 2 hospitals but no date
or time so I was lost as to when I should go or to where. I showed
the letter to some of the carers and 1 suggested that I phone and
find out. Not liking phones much as I cannot hear properly, they talk
too fast and background sounds take my attention away, that was not
on. I said that I would go back to GP and get it sorted. This
wonderful young woman then asked if it would be ok for her to phone
on my behalf. After about 10 minutes on phone and much head
scratching I finally ended up with date, time and place as dictated
by their appointment system. I would have sworn and hung up long
before that!!!! Why they could not have just sent a 1 page letter
with date, time, place on it as dictated by their appointment system
…… who bloody knows? Oh what a wonderful world of technology we
live in. The sooner someone pulls the plug the better!

little madcap adventure with the wonderful world of hospital systems
has left me a bit worried about my vision problems. After the GP
dismissed and sent me to optician and the optician not finding
anything, the good advice on TP is to go and see GP again and get
another specialist referral. With all the headaches that brings it
would seem easier to just stay in bed or go blind or wear a crash
helmet and carry on bumping into things LOL! As I now have my new
glasses and they have made no difference at all, I guess it is back
to the GP and more head v brick wall time!

ya soon