Stimulation Therapy Group – the first session

March 2016

was the first session of my CST group which is due to happen twice
weekly for the next 8 weeks. The day did not get off to a great start
as I had trouble sleeping last night with it playing on my mind.
Then, having no idea that the clocks had changed this weekend, I
found on checking the laptop that I was going to be late. Already I
am feeling that someone needs to keep a better eye on me than me. I
phoned them and explained what had happened and that I would be late
but was it still ok to come and upset the group. I was told yes so
off I pedalled like a mad thing on my bike and arrived 30 minutes
late, exhausted and anxious.

6 out of the 10 expected had turned up to be co-ordinated by 4
facilitators which will usually be 2. The group leader explained what
I had missed, twice making references to my being late which did not
help my already anxious state. I’ll be on time Thursday even if it
means camping out (oo er missus!!) in their car-park Wednesday night.

had several things that I wanted to discuss but it was soon clear
that the facilitators (not yet sure what to call them but playschool
presenters kept coming to mind) were only there to run the group not
to provide technical support. Thankfully the trusted Talking Point
forum may help with my issues.

am by quite a way the youngest but expected that. They had already
discussed and named the group (Old Codgers) and decided on the group
song, ‘singing in the rain’, but that changed as 1 of the women got
upset as it was her deceased husbands favourite so it changed to
‘Jailhouse Rock’. This we will sing twice each 2 hour session. We
basically did action games that required lots of movement, throwing,
bowling, marching and some reading. I explained that over the weekend
my reading ability had been zero but they were not very interested.
We played throw the ball and answer a random question about your past
which was a good icebreaker and one we will do each session so we
will soon learn stuff about each other…. and ourselves! We played
skittles and the tough part is getting down to stand them back up
again but good for back exercise. We also had a kind of darts game
using furry tennis balls on a velcro target. This was fun as a couple
of people could not throw very well and balls were going all over the
room. 2 cups of tea or coffee, biscuits and a wrestle with the
electronic door to use the toilet just about completed the time. Not
forgetting the 2 rounds of ‘jailhouse rock’.

does sound rather negative but is not meant to be overly so. I
enjoyed, am happy to continue but do feel that it is very much too
early in my journey to be of much help but time will tell as it will
with everything.

biggest plus was that the group leader made a phone call to Dept of
Work & Pensions for me to find out about PIP claim. After much
messing which would of made me hang-up in disgust, she reported that
there is a 16 week delay. Not great as I need this to get my bus pass
to replace driving. My decision to stop driving has been nothing but
a nightmare but I could not concentrate enough and do not want to
kill anyone but as it is MY decision I am penalised for it??? some
days I even refrain from going out on my bike as I would be a danger
to myself and/or others so not being able to get around, CHEAPLY, on
the buses does leave me feeling a bit trapped at times when I hear
the other walking group members talking about where they may meet up
to walk at the weekends. Sorry, I am rambling ha ha, back to the main

will see what Thursday brings as the theme for that session is sound
and as I keep hearing my phone vibrating when it is not even turned
on, it could prove interesting.

before leaving 2 of the other male members asked me if I was going on
Thursday as they are not interested in coming if I am not. If they
turn up I will make sure they have a good time.

rounded the day off by going to my neighbours bowls club open evening
and actually having a go! It was more fun and more and a lot more
exercise than I imagined and I will be going again to get some
coaching before any decision on joining. We will see as I still need
to be persuaded that I am actually ‘old enough’ to play bowls. LOL!

ya soon