of Good Week incl CST Group – 2nd session

March – April 1st 2016

to great support and a wealth of information from my friends at
Talking Point whom I now probably owe a fortune in commission
payments, this was a good week.

the bowls try out going so well Tuesday evening I was a little caught
out by how tired my legs felt by the time I was on the Wednesday
morning walking group. Obviously the different movements the evening
before had upset them, but the walk was good. Wednesday afternoon was
a second week at 10 pin and this time I stuck to just 1 ball rather
than trying to keep finding, and failing, to find 1 that goes
‘straight’. I settled on a purple one as the colour was nice and the
holes big enough but not too big. Kinda technical I suppose lol. I
got off to a good start, no strikes but I did manage 3 clearances in
the first ‘game/frame’, if that is what it is called, and totalled
117 beating last weeks best by 12. I still came last but who cares.
It was downhill from there as the remaining 2 games I got 102 then 98
but did get my first strike. Just shows how terrible all the other
balls were. Ended the day shattered.

slept bad the night before the next CST group session but that
ensured I was up good and early and on my way in good time this time.
A slow cycle over the few miles and I ended up 25 minutes early.
Maybe they can be deducted from the 30 minutes late on Tuesday. 8
turned up this time but one of ‘my’ guys didn’t make it so we will
see next Tuesday if he comes.

session was about sound but we started with the constants of cuppa,
where are we, when is it etc questions. What is in the news and how
would you describe the weather. Group singsong of jailhouse rock then
we then repeated the throw the ball then answer a question about your
past. I like that bit still. Then the activities which were ‘match
the sound to the picture’, being sounds and pics of phone, cat, cow,
lion, plane, motorbike etc. bit simple but 1 of the women could not
get the sound until seeing the picture so it shows how useful it was.
The next was musical bingo. Songs were played from the 20’s &
30’s nearly all of which I had heard but did not know. The others had
a right ol’ sing song, so much that I often missed the words of the
next one but they were having a great time and it was wonderful to
see everyone so happy and be part of it. We ended up by another cuppa
and jailhouse rock again and that was it. Still not sure what to make
of it but enjoyed and the test will be when I have to go on a ‘NON’
day. Next Tuesday the session is about our childhoods and we have
been asked to take in some pictures if we have any. All my photos got
scanned in to protect family history etc so I have them only in
digital form now so my challenge for the next couple of days is to
grab some from the ‘cloud’, put them in a word document and print it
out. If I can do all of that then the dementia would seem to be a
plus not a minus. We shall see what happens. Not sure how to go about
inserting stuff here but if I manage it all I shall insert the
document into the ‘tumblr’ blog as my evidence, then go and have a
celebration pint or two of spitfire.

afternoon and armed to the teeth with all the great and good advice
from TP, I went to war with the local council about council tax and
bus pass!!!! I felt good and sure about my position so was more
‘pushy’ than usual as it felt like I had the cross of the righteous
with me. I threatened to just sit there until I got an appointment
saying that the stress was disturbing my sleep so I may just as well
stay here. The council tax is almost sorted in that they have now had
a letter from the doctor and have given me an ‘exemption notice’ so a
new bill should arrive shortly that may even be ZERO. What a result,
thanks people! I then got them to give me a copy of the doctors
letter which I used with the exemption notice to apply for the bus
pass. The woman at the desk said they would be fine and accepted them
as the evidence of my mental capacity. She may have just wanted to
get rid of me and I cannot blame her. I would have done the same lol!
All in all a great day. Now I just need to get someone to nudge the
PIP people into further action as I don’t think that I can go and sit
on their doorstep…..shame!

Friday is fairly straight forward as is the normal for Fridays now. I
cycled to the long walk start point, did the walk and cycled back.
While in the library having our coffees after the walk I was invited
to join another walk that is going out on a day trip tomorrow, out of
town. I said thanks but no thanks as the challenge of new people AND
new surroundings in 1 go may be too much. I shall join them for the
next few Saturdays and do local walks that way by the time we get to
the next away-day walk I will have people around me that I know. Only
1 challenge at a time seems sensible.

bowls again tonight as next chance to ‘have a go’ is not until
Tuesday. Not sure whether I will go tonight as I feel tired now and
just watching may kill me off!

ya soon