Another Session.

April 2016

all and welcome to the next bit.

had a very quiet and chilled weekend doing……… nothing. Watched
some football but not really in to it at the moment and the same with
the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday. I felt just too tired for going out
but staying in left me guilty about not getting on and doing some
very much needed housework. I excused myself by saying I was just too
tired for that as well. Somewhere deep in the ugly dark recesses of
my mind is an idea that I could/should get someone to come in and
generally keep the place in good order but that would, for the time
being, just be well lazy as I am usually quite capable myself and the
place is very small. Being small it is necessary but easy to keep
tidy and clean, just not when I feel like this!!!

was just a short early morning ride, walk, ride back and then out on
bike to next town for some shopping and a look in Argos for a laptop
lap tray or table. A simple device for putting the laptop on while on
my lap. I found one but my store is out of stock and not getting more
for time being so will have to get it elsewhere. I could go for
delivery but I do not like being trapped in waiting for some random
time when a driver may call. I usually do the laptop work on a
folding table but it is just too high when in the armchair and makes
my back ache which in turn makes my typing even worse so I have to
spend more time in the uncomfortable position doing all the
corrections and so on round and round. Answer is try an angled
tray/table which will sort dinner as well. Not at the angle but even
then it might work, I could just position my mouth at the edge of the
plate, change the table angle and let dinner just flow in….. now we
are getting lazy. Next step is have someone eat it for me to save
time???? Very tired by early Monday evening and as another session
tomorrow had early night. Useless as still awake at 1.00 AM as mind

to building that group session held in but was very early as in 25
minutes early. I was still only 4th to arrive. Wow the
others must be very keen or their carers/family/drivers are very keen
to get some ‘self’ time and drop them very early. We went into the
group room 5 minutes early and I used the time to help the
facilitators get everyone’s teas & coffees done. The 2 leaders
were ones that were part of last Tuesdays 4 but were not the 2 from
Thursday. Why? Now I don’t think that I am speaking only for myself
but dementia sufferers do not do change very well and having 2
completely different people seems unnecessary and confusing.
Apparently on Thursday we have last weeks 2 back and neither of
today’s! This is not a big problem except last week we were asked to
prepare pictures about our childhood so we could discuss them (which
as you all suffered with me you know I did) but these guys did not
seem to know about this and so it did not happen!!!!!! not angry just
frustrated by the pointless time wasting doing the pictures. I did
point, when we were discussing toys, one of my pictures had me with a
plastic fire engine which is the only toy I remember having when
little. My play things were buttons, stones and sticks. All the time
was outside so the world was full of things to play with and toys
were not needed. Probably not afforded but I did not care. So in the
group we did drinks, little where and when are we test, what’s in the
news, Jailhouse Rock, exercises then into looking at old pictures of
comics, toys, sweets and some boxes of games and marbles and pick up
sticks a yo-yo. Then another drink, Jailhouse Rock again and that’s
all folks. By the time we did the second round of singing I was
really tired and could not read the words fast enough so stuck to the
chorus. Next session on Thursday is about food. At least we have not
been asked to cook some old school dinner but that would have been
good as I liked school dinners as they were a treat???? Does not say
a lot for meals at home does it?

a long time to cycle home as I felt so tired and could not
concentrate. Had a couple of hours sleep when I got in to get
prepared for my second go at bowls tonight but the coaching session
has had to be cancelled. Maybe a good job as I am not really quite
with it.

now before I collapse. Hope it is not tempting fate but I feel so
wiped out it does not bode well for the next couple of days. We will

ya later