Saturday came, following a good, long, fairly sound nights sleep, I
was beginning to feel more at ease with the world again. I managed a
few words in the forum just to let people know that I was on the
mend. Their support is immense and priceless so they deserve to share
in the good as well as when I make them suffer the bad. Again I
received so many well wishes and pleased responses that I was on the
mend. It humbles me and makes me feel so glad and honoured that I get
to share the world with these wonderful people. It would be so lovely
to shout out your names to the whole world, well the tumblr bit of it
anyway, but that would be a breach of your privacy and you all know
who you are and anyone wishing to see who these marvellous
individuals are only need read the threads, posts and replies on
Talking Point. Thank you all.

weather was cool but sunny and I enjoyed a few hours meandering
aimlessly around town on my bike, staying on side streets, alleys,
pathways and bridle paths. A beautiful time and a great reminder,
which after the last week I needed, of just how magnificent nature
and our world can be. Spent a little time just viewing posts on TP as
I could still not really function fully enough to feel confident in
posting but I did a few private messages to friends just to give them
an update and to others that are also sufferers, a few words of
encouragement that there is always a brighter place after we have
stumbled in the darkness. They know what I mean.

came and went quickly as I had my usual quiet at home day with some
internet time, tv, reading, music, cleaning, washing and eating and
then another early night as the nothing had tired me out?

was another good bright day and I was off on my bike to the walking
group. All was as per usual and it seemed like the end of last week
had not ever existed!!! if only! I resolved a computer space problem
I have been wrestling with and then had a quick conflict of interests
when, at the same place as I purchased a new set of sunglasses
because it is so sunny, I also purchased a backup beanie hat as I
keep losing them and my now unthatched head gets cold. Did a bit of
forum time and started to type up the notes for this blog. Reading
over what I have done so far makes it obvious that I am not yet fully
back on song as it seems a bit flat and just factual. Boring in fact.
The usual banter and humour seems to have gone missing. Maybe by
tomorrow evening when I am typing up about the next CST group
meeting, it will be back. We will see! Ha ha.

and ready for CST group. Slept ok last night so it must have just
been last week, being in a disturbed state anyway, was just a one off
worry. The journey did not get off to a great start as I nearly got
run over by some silly old git not knowing left from right on his
indicators. I gave up my license as I am not safe any more yet this
clown still has his. I kicked the door as he went past still bibbing
at me as he went as if it was my fault I believed he was turning
right when he actually wanted left. My mind reading skills seem to
have diminished with the rest of my brain…. so sorry!

feel to be in a very quiet distracted place today and was pleased
when I found out that 1 of the participants, usually very vocal, had
not arrived. Should not think that way but want peaceful nice
session. Was not to be! Not only is today about current affairs (not
in one at moment but I told the facilitators I am open to offers if
they sort it!) i.e. politics, ouch, but the noisy one turned up late
and then took over the meeting by regaling us with her adventures
this morning to the hospital. Sorry am just not in the forgiving type
mood today and I do not care!

usual stuff passed our time, drinks, singing, news, where are we
etc., and the bit I like where we answer a question about
likes/dislikes/past etc. then into talking about the pros and cons of
EEC. Dozed off with eyes open. Thursday is friends and family day
where you can take someone with you. We all seemed very anti that
idea and 2 are not even coming themselves so I guess it will just be
a usual session. Today was run by 1 of last weeks Tuesday leaders
plus 1 of the Thursday leaders, just to see if we notice????? As we
left they did mention that another set of session about ‘living with
dementia’ may be available after we finish this set. apparently we
should have done that course first???

this is a bit flat I am still struggling a bit to feel back on form.
My ‘funny’ bone needs a jog to get it going again.

rest of today will be in the blog tomorrow as I should have stuff to
say about visit to solicitor this afternoon and first bowls coaching
session this evening. I can hardly wait to read about what a time I

afternoon was fairly boring and straight forward but at least now my
will is done and secure and confirmed as being done while I am fully
functional. Not really sure I have ever been fully in control of all
my faculties but it will do. Having read so much on TP of the
stresses and strains put upon carers I have made sure that some
provision has been put in the will so that the poor individual
involved in trying to look after me towards the end will get
something as recognition. By then they will deserve it far more than
any family that may come crawling out of the wood work when they
think it is safe to do so. Ha! Take that! The solicitor had great
trouble with the wording as we do not have any idea now, who, what,
where, when etc. that clause will kick in so he has used legal terms
to make it ‘specifically imspecific’. Never heard that one but it
sounds really good. With those ends now all tied up it is just
getting the financial manager to get my pensions sorted and included
in the estate value and…. job done…. I can relax and go slowly
and quietly mad. Slowly I hope so but quietly will never ever be my

at bowls was ok but I was tired too quickly and having 3 new people
and the coach to meet and learn about, it was maybe a bit much and I
did not do so well this time……. either that or my beginners luck
has run out already… we will see!

a final update for these few days is that today, Wednesday, is a very
special day. A new appointment for my PIP assessment turned up and
this time it is on an acceptable day, 2 weeks today and at an ok time
10:30. this does mean I shall have to miss my usual Wednesday morning
walking group but that’s ok just the once. The biggest news for today
though is that the fights/war/battles with the council over the last
few weeks have paid off and all the
help/support/assistance/advice/weaponry/ammunition that the TP
members supplied me with was proven to be well used……..


am now free to get lost anywhere in England so long as it is after
9.00am. Lucky for you guys that I do not know where you live or what
you look like or I would be calling in to say thank you personally.
As you can see my picture, remember it and if you see me coming,

TP friends in Ireland and Scotland are safe for the moment, but only

I shall go to the CST session on the bus rather than bike and give
myself a rest.

afternoon, rather than going off on a jolly with my new friend, bus
pass, I went as usual to play 10 pin. One of our usual quartet was
away but 2 others joined us to make a 5. did not help me any as they
both play everyday and as usual I enjoyed being last…… the gap
however is getting smaller each week so they better watch out!

for reading, commenting, watching etc. and

ya later