and so the blog begins for real ….. (feb 25th

Had a great day today. Got all the words for
starting this thing off done and somewhere found the courage to post

The comments I got in the recently diagnosed forum as
replies to my 4 hour post were so so good and made me feel better
about almost everything. I say almost because it left me a bit
concerned that a friend on Talking Point, all the way in northeast
Michigan said she got my 4 hours. I know time flies but, all the way
to America in 4 hours, that’s a bit worrying. It means I could get
lost almost anywhere in the world?????

The Forum Post:-
the odd 4 hours – has anyone
seen an odd 4 hours lying around anywhere. I had a lovely morning out
with the walking group I attend. nice stroll in the sun but a little
chilly. nice time with nice people. then had a cuppa and sandwich for
lunch in a local café and then went shopping. I know it was 1.30 at
some time because a young lad asked me the time then. however, I got
home at just gone 6 without the slightest idea where I have been or
what I may have been doing expect for still carrying shopping. so,
where are my 4 hours????

And here are some of the replies;-

Hi Wayne

I’ve just read all your blogs and
wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. Your character and
spirit shine through them and i look forward to reading more.

OH was diagnosed with Alzheimers nearly 2 years ago when he was 67
and I find your comments immensely helpful in trying to understand
what is happening with him. He’s doing incredibly well but sometimes
odd things can happen. We find the best way to deal with these odd
things is to have a laugh so I am not at all upset by your approach –
long may it continue!

I hope you don’t lose too many more
hours else we’ll have to send out a search party.

Hi Wayne

The hours disappear all too

I seem to have a more of a problem with working out
who changed the route I know so well. I end up places and don’t know
how I got there. When DVLA cancelled my license I got a free bus pass
from the council. Its great but it does send me on journeys and
change where we are going along the way.

I have a medicare
medal round my neck which tells people who I am, and what my health
issues are. It also has my wifes phone number on it. On the home
screen of my phone there are buttons labelled with my wifes name and
those for my grown up children;

They really do help me get

Could a medallion help you when 4 hours go missing?

Lol @ Wayne. Brilliant

Thank you for that good post. What makes
it good is that it helps to see that others have similar challenges
and we truly are not alone.
The four hours have gone. But you are
still here. You win. ?

Oh Wayne, I’ve looked everywhere, I’m really sorry
but I don’t have your odd four hours or I would give them back to you
packaged in gift wrap with a big heart bow.

I am so glad you
had a lovely morning but please be careful.

You have a real
way with words and expressing your feelings and the way things are
happening to you. Please write it down, I think it will help a lot of

I have your 4 hours, Wayne! Can I keep them to
make up for the four l lost? I could sure use the time! ?