28th Feb

Oh Dear gosh

finally managed yesterday to get my head together to find the time,
energy and buckets of concentration required to type up and submit a
post to carers into ‘I care for a person with dementia’ forum. It had
taken me nearly 2 weeks to get it together and find it in me to risk
posting. Once done I was so knackered a had a doze and it went on for
16 hours until this morning. I then had to get my energies up again
to put a reply to all the fabulous comments I got about it. Don’t
know why I worried, just stupid I guess.

blog is good in that it gives me a way of putting things down that i
would maybe feel stupid about in the main forums. So far as i know
no-one sees them here or a least far fewer so I feel less exposed by
putting my failings and mishaps. This is one of those moments….

was feeling a bit peekish this afternoon, so went to the cupboard
and got a packet of crackers and some cheese. When trying to open the
cracker packet i found that it had no little tear round tag. I spun
the packet in my hands and stared at it accusingly for about 10
minmutes unable to fathom how i was supposed to open it. Eventually i
gave up and threw them back in the cupboard (crumbs now!!) and had
just cheese ( not good i know). Couple of hours later it suddenly
came to me that i could just ‘open the end’. Obvious. But why was it
not obvious earlier. Brains eh…. who needs ’em?

ya later