Mar 2016


all. I had a pretty good day yesterday with a great visit from a
wonderful young woman from a local dementia research team. she came
to do a test and fill in some questionnaires on how I am doing
lately. as I thought that I was on a very good day the test result
was a bit disappointing as I failed as per usual but worse than
usual. before we started the conversation had been about the coming
weekend so we had already discussed about today being Friday but
whilst talking about it I noticed that I had forgotten to move the
date on my watch forward. then spent an age getting it right as I
went past the 4th to start with and had to go right round again. the
point of telling you this is that it was then no surprise that I
scored easy points by getting the day of the week and the date right.
I messed up the arithmetic and my drawing looked like a child version
but hey. I told her the month was February and she agreed that was
correct but fairly soon realised that maybe no, that was wrong. we
had a laugh and decided that I should let her have some of my
donepezil before she gets any worse.

talked with her so long (maybe talked at would be more accurate) that
we did not have time for the second survey. now she has to come back
next week to get that done. yes, result, a visitor again. all part of
my cunning master plan to keep social stimulation going.

rest of the day and evening was really good as well and did involve
going out during an evening which I do very little of now as
everywhere seems crowded, loud and with just too many conversations
going on. today was fine as I went was invited to a bowls club social
club. it was quiet and calm. not quite the old type Friday night and
not one I ever thought I would be on, but it was great. good start to

ya soon