Mar 2016

mood to take shopping today?

am quite aware that on some days I get up and take a particular mood
with me leaving others moods in bed to have a lie in and a rest.
Those taken vary immensely from day to day and today’s fellow
travellers on the adventure that is my life were, luckily, calm tact
and diplomacy…….

aimlessly through a local shopping centre I was confronted by the
disturbing sight of a gaggle of young women, armed to the teeth with
pushchairs, buggies and shopping trolleys, heading menacingly
straight at me. One on of the throng on my outer edge was deep in
conversation and waving said shopping trolley, hopefully empty, from
side to side. I tried to avoid but as we passed the trolley hit my
leg. She spun on me and using what I would describe as ‘barrack room’
language, accused me of kicking her trolley. Luckily it being a
‘good’ day, I was able to assess the situation quickly, look around
at her tribe and stumble out “sorry” before I moved on.

‘calm tact and diplomacy’ stayed in bed today and I had been
accompanied by ‘anger, aggression and anxiety’, which does happen at
times, who knows where that could have led.

I shall stay in bed and just send the moods out for exercise lol!

ya soon