things that go bump in the day 15

things that go bump in the day 15

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Walks and talks or lack of!!!!

22nd March 2016

“Sunday and the history walk,

through to Tuesday and the lack of talk”

Catchy title eh? Well the 3 days involved seem to have covered an awful lot of ground both real and in the mind. The real was the 10 miles or there a bouts, covered in the 4 hours on Sunday doing the walk. It was a lovely day to start with as the sun was out and felt quite warm when out of the wind. I needed it to be warm as I had lost yet another hat, third in 2 weeks, on the way to the walk. I get warm/hot riding my bike then take the beanie off and put it in my pocket. This seems fine until I have a bright idea of buying something to eat in case I get peckish while on the walk. I obviously took the hat out of pocket to get at change then forgot to pick it back up. Maybe I need some kind of strap sewn into the hat and pinned to my jacket like you may do for a child!!! I rode bike few miles to meeting point then got lift in car many miles to the walk. Did the walk which was physically and mentally tiring as trying to concentrate on uneven ground, talking to new people, listening to the guide and trying to remember some of the paths in-case I come back again was a bit much. By the time I had been dropped at the bike then cycled back home I was pretty much done. I think that I had some dinner but not sure, then watched TV a bit but could not tell you what or what it was about then collapsed to bed to rest ready for Monday morning walk!!!!



Monday walk was good and again met (imposed on) new people. I learnt about the university of the 3rd age where retired people get together and teach each other new skills and set out on adventures together. Sounds great and I will follow that up once my new Tuesday and Thursday groups settle. Too much new would overpower me.

I had not done much if anything in the Alzheimer’s Society forum Talking Point over Saturday to Monday so on Tuesday, remembering for once that the chat room is open on Tuesdays I went for it. If you ever think that you are depressed or feeling low then spend some time in the chat room and learn that only there can you feel really down, low, depressed, alone. It has to be about the most miserable place on the planet!!!! You can see by the list of names that others are in the room but no-one talks. Maybe it is just me and no-one wants to talk with me. Ok fine, well leave the room then. If I say anything, nothing comes back.  If I leave for a while then come back and answer anyone else, it goes silent again?

I guess that my understanding of ‘chat room’ is completely wrong but if I want to just talk with myself I will not in future go to all the extra trouble and effort of trying to type stuff in just to be ignored. Rant rant rant!!!!!


Must be having a moaning day……… sorry, I will shut up now but before I do just want to thank the nice person in Sweden that did actually type something in the room about going out for a walk. Seems like a great idea and one I might take up right now!

catch ya soon