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things that go bump in the day 6

1st Mar 2016

Tv and stuff

After yet another long sleep i had doctors yesterday to discuss the cramps i am getting in my feet, the vision blurring/crackling, hearing my phone going when it is off and smelling burning when nothing is cooking. He is very good and patience with me (something not quite right there ), listened, looked for a while in his big book, played on the internet then told me my blood pressure is finally good and stable and that my blood test results show no worries about diabetis!!! what? Did i ask about those things? What about my vision and feet etc? He finally decided to say that he thinks it is still a reaction to taking the donepizil 10mg and will settle down. He really does not want to stop the meds so we will wait and see what my up coming sight test and ear-nose-throat specialist appointment reveal then decide. OK i think that means suffer in silence now go away, but in the nicest possible way.

During our discussions we had talked about how i still cope on my own particularly in the sense of money. Fine i think so no i will not pay for this consultation LOL. As i got up to leave, my wallet slipped out onto the chair but i did not notice. The doctor went into a fit of laughing and said ‘are you sure you are ok with money matters’ then pointed to the wallet. I joined the laughter then left, happy.

Tried some time in TP later but was struggling with everything. Decided to watch some TV but had problems with that as well. Some day maybe they can make programmes for dementia sufferers that do not jump back and forward along a time line so much. If short term memory is having a bad day the programme gets VERY confusing and seemingly stupid. Having decided that the director of what i was watching was obviously an idiot, i gave up and went to bed, early but very tired.


Catch ya later