things that go bump in the day 8

things that go bump in the day 8

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7th Mar 2016

How to explain 

I was trying to explain to someone today about having Alzheimer’s and they said, as people often do, “oh yeah that’s where you forget things isn’t it”. yes kind of and I tried to explain it is more than that and used an example from yesterday afternoon.

I went downstairs to see mate Mike, he had football on and asked if I wanted to watch. it was spurs v arsenal but they had played Saturday (yesterday). we then spent a few minutes arguing about how could he be watching it now. the simple process of record and watch later had ceased to exist in my world. I had not forgotten, it was as if I never knew!

the person I was trying to explain this to still did not really ‘get’ it as he thought it was just an extreme forget???? I then tried this example which happened to me a few months back, before I started doing the blog.

having just come home I went into the bathroom to take my boots off and put my slippers on. all ok so far except I do not keep slippers in bathroom. not finding slippers where they should be I got quite frustrated and banged about trying to find them. eventually I came across them in the sitting room which is where I always keep them. now even more annoyed I asked myself what idiot had put them here then. as I live alone it was quite an obvious answer. I then took the slippers from their ‘usual’ place, went to the bathroom and put them on. then as if logic had suddenly kicked in, I took the boots to put them away in the cupboard where they always go. job done now happy. I still do not know what it was all about but am waiting for the next episode.


this explanation did not help much either as he now just thinks I am mad. guess he is right.

catch ya soon