things that go bump in the day 1

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Here we go then ………

I really am unsure if doing a blog is the right way of going about things or if I am going the right way about blogging! I have watched the videos, read the help, looked at other blogs but, being a stubborn old *** ( insert whatever you wish here – it will change up or down as you get to know me!!!), I have not thought of asking for help. Why change the habit of a lifetime? Everything else is changing so I have to hold on to something, surely, and if what I do is wrong I am quite sure someone will SHOUT, please.

As you can already see, I like to ramble, in writing, verbally and also physically unless the weather is particularly horrid.

This entry and the next are both fairly longggggggggg as I set the scene first about why the blog and then a bit (lot – yawn) about me, past present and future. I am trying to think like a book in that you have a back cover/sleeve that gives you a blurb about the author, an intro about the book and why. Then you might get an index or contents page(s) but that won’t be happening as I have no idea what-so-ever what the contents will be, how often or how long. What I can say is that they will be about things that happen to me during various days that I believe are directly attributable to having either the vascular dementia or Alzheimer’s disease or both. Some things may just be age related but as a beginner to that as well, you will have to be my guide and park the adventures where you wish. There will be many days that nothing is posted. This does not mean I did nothing, although it might, it just means that nothing of note happened that I think is dementia related. Then again there may also be blank days where I have such a bad day I cannot get my head around it, do not want to talk about it yet, cannot type or even hold a thought or maybe even an odd day where I forget that I am supposed to be writing something. Crikey. it sounds like so many excuses I will never actually get around to doing anything.

I hope this record of thoughts, feelings and events will help others to get a handle on some of the stuff going on in us sufferers, help others feel that they are not alone on their journey, we are all in much the same boat even if it is sinking, and give many laughs along the way. If it does a little for someone then great. If not, it will at least be giving me a purpose which will in turn help me some, so there :p

Why ‘things that go bump in the day’ well because so far I am lucky in that if I get to sleep my nights are OK, it’s the days that take surviving, and when things go bump in the night they tend to get your attention. These accounts will be what got my attention during that day…… enjoy…. I do!

That will do for now as I still have to get on with the tougher bit about me and I’m struggling to keep track of my thoughts already and going back over this to proof read has taken for ever.

catch ya soon

Wayne X 🙂